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Betray your Amazonian god of eCommerce for a chance to win your part of the Amascam 30 pieces of silver giveaway!

1st Place 20 Pieces, 2nd & 3rd Place 5 Pieces

Winners Announced on July 16, Amazons 26th Anniversary!

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Roast The Richest

Send your unkind words to the worst of the rich

“The Man”

The asshole of the Amazon, the wealthiest man on earth — The one that takes selfies his pecker and owns a rocket company to explore your company’s anus! He has automated screwing company’s into deep space!

Roast the Richest: Jeff Bezos

“The Company”

Whenever I see an Amazon truck I have the impulse to throw something at it. Jeff Bezos appears to be the epitome of greed.. He pays his employees lousy wages- he pays no taxes and monopolizes everything.

Roast Amazon (Open Topic)

“The Support”

Persistently incorrect advice, conflicting advice, and incomprehensible advice is de rigueur. Staff do not help, they simply want to get rid of you as fast as possible. I advise selling somewhere else.

Roast Amazon Support

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