Were your Amazon seller’s privileges deactivated using unfair business practices such as extortion? Stop the Amazon shakedown! Fight the powerful digital mobsters holding guns to the heads of small businesses in America responsible for killing us off one by one! We must fight back in courts and get these incidents out of Amazon’s private chat rooms (Digital extortion chambers) and post Amazon scams on small business owners on the internet for the world to see. Together small businesses can bring Amazon’s shakedown tactics out in the open.

We must bring this Amascam to an end by giving small businesses and the people that own them their constitutional rights in America that our forefathers shed their blood for us to have. Big-tech companies have exploited our data, censored our speech and have extorted our businesses without regards for ones individual rights in the digital age.

Small American businesses have the right to do business online without a digital shotgun held in our faces to comply with the corporate mob’s rules under multiple false pretenses! Under the disguise of using exceptionally well thought out Robo replies by seller support intended delay resolution for no other reason except to smash up your business with a digital bat to force you to comply with an Amazona shakedown.

The mob has moved from street corners to Wallstreet. The once racket that shook down brick and mortar buildings has gone fully digital.

We, the people, demand that we are granted our God-given rights no matter if we have rented digital land on Amazon or physical land to operate our businesses. American businesses MUST be protected from digital shakedowns from the internet mobsters that operate by their own laws drafted as memos rather than by the constitution of the land.

The landlords of Amazon’s digital storefronts must be made to adhere to the same laws that protect a businesses rights as a landlord of a brick n mortar mall would have to follow. Amazon should not be the sole arbitrator while holding a gun to the head of the other party. Lawyer up! Fight back!

Extortion is a federal offense when it interferes with interstate commerce. It is punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or both. All extortion statutes require that a threat must be made to the person or property of the victim. (Like threats of deactivating your Amazon account for not handing over money Amazon didn’t earn!) A threat to harm a person in his/her career for monetary gain (Not paying an Amazon shakedown will destroy your business storefront rented monthly from Amazon online).

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