The Amazon founder was blasted on social media earlier Saturday for failing to mention the deadly incident in Edwardsville while cheering on his latest group of space tourists in an Instagram post.

“The news from Edwardsville is tragic,” he finally said in a statement on Twitter at around 9 p.m. “We’re heartbroken over the loss of our teammates there, and our thoughts and prayers are with their families and loved ones.”

“All of Edwardsville should know that the Amazon team is committed to supporting them and will be by their side through this crisis,” the post continued. “We extend our fullest gratitude to all the incredible first responders who have worked so tirelessly at the site.”


Of course. Do you expect someone to be able to actually make billions without destroying other people’s lives? He has killed so many people it is unimaginable. Now, SURELY there will be who say he hasn’t killed anyone. They also defend Hitler since Hitler did not kill anyone.

CEOs are con artists. They pretend they are gods, pharaohs, kings, geniuses, etc. Are they? Or are they just plantation owners who have a lot of slaves? How many slaves does Bezos have?

See, these psychopaths figure out how to manipulate people and the money system to benefit themselves. They literally kill people, not directly, but indirectly. Most people are far too ignorant to understand the complexities but many are so arrogant and stupid that they can’t realize that his wealth was generated precisely by taking it from someone else. He didn’t do this by force or directly but by manipulation. He either paid his slaves less or just stole from others through financial scheming. See, Bezos didn’t create much of anything. PEOPLE, LOT’S of people created. It Bezos created Amazon much like the Pharaohs created pyramids… that is, they got others to do it and paid them scraps with the monopoly money and threats of violence. Most people want to justify Bezos because they want to be just like him. They want to be a master with a huge plantation and the ability to do anything. Our society brainwashes children to pursue money and have the “American Dream”. It’s all just another form of slavery. People will talk about how much he did for society and all that bullshit as if he actually did anything. It just goes to show you how psychotic they are and how they ignore the 10’s of thousands of people who actually did all the work. It’s like Bill gates, how he did very little(he probably did far more than Bezos) because it was the 10’s of thousands of slaves that built the company into what it is. They didn’t become Billionaires any other way. It’s exactly like praising the master of the plantation for all the production that was done and for working the slaves to the bone.

These men are not heroes, not gods, not geniuses…. many are quite evil. A few are just hard workers and capitalized on, well, the capitalistic slavery system. At the end of the day, though, their wealth has done real damage to society. There are so many poor people who suffer. Our society blames the poor, but they are poor for a reason. So many homeless. So many sick people. All that money that Bezos and his ilk have could be used to help society, but it’s only for them to make their pathetic empty lives meaningful, temporarily. These people have little value. Take away their money and no one would give a shit about them. Ultimately they are just reflections of a diseased society where people see everyone else as prey. In Bezos mind it’s always about how much he can get from you, nothing else. There is nothing more to him. It’s quite sad. It’s like a hooker, she’ll never experience real love because love to her is sex and sex is paid for. The reason why it is sad is that these are the people that precisely have the capacity to do so much good in the world and change things but also are precisely the cause of the world’s problems. [not 100%, don’t be a dumbass]

Yes. Jeff Bezos IS evil and disgusting person. Amazon’s strategy has been to destroy Mom and Pop stores, local neighborhood stores, destroy all book stores (formerly great places for people to relax and meet other bibliophiles). Then, he jacks up prices and reduces his quality on Amazon. Today was told, straight-faced, that three products sold on Amazon and listed as ‘in stock’ would take FOUR DAYS to deliver via Prime, but that they are ‘two day Prime delivery.’ Spend 30 minutes being dicked around and mocked by Indian “Customer Service Representatives” who read off a script and did NOTHING, then another 15 minutes with a CSR in the Philippines who was at least empathetic, but still could do nothing. 100 BILLION dollars? There should be NO homeless people in the USA with that kind of money. He could afford to open shelters and feeding stations in every major city. He is a disgusting, ugly, evil bastard. Money worshipping pig.



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